HEPA Home Cleaning

Get your indoor air quality back to basics

Reasons to Ask About HEPA Cleaning

Filter out Ultrafine particulates diseases causing bacteria, pollen, and dust.

Visible Surface Mold


Extended Periods of High Humidity

Increased Insect Numbers Indoors

Having Symptoms only when Home

Steps to Get Your Indoor Environment Back to Normal

Whether after a crawlspace encapsulation, or just a harsh humid summer, our detailed HEPA interior cleaning will return your home's indoor environment to a place where you can breath easy.

HEPA Vacuum

We use HEPA filtrated vacuums to remove surface bound mold spores and particulates from carpet, baseboards, and furniture.

Botanical Safe Disinfecting

Our broad spectrum safe botanical disinfectants are safe for applying to air system returns, and inside the home on all other surfaces and porous objects.

Surface Enzyme Microfiber Cleaning

We use microfiber to easily apply surface disinfectants to interior structure walls, flat ceilings, and floors

HEPA Air Scrubbers

Mold Spores cannot be captured by consumer-grade vacuums and air purifiers. Our industrial HEPA Air scrubber machines are capable of lowering interior airborne mold levels

LGR Dehumidifiers

Temporary dehumidifiers help to remove excess moisture from the structure and the air system, removing fuel for mold growth and creating a healthier environment.

Air Movers

Why Industrial Fans? Air Movers can help to accelerate the filtration of the air within a given space. In this case, that means accelerated mold, particulate, and moisture removal during the process.

Industrial 125 pint/day LGR Dehumidifier

Dry Out Your Structure with Industrial Power

Temporary dehumidifiers, air movers, and HEPA Filtrated Air Scrubbers help to remove excess moisture, mold spores, and particulates from the structure and the air system, removing fuel for mold growth and creating a healthier environment.

Service Areas

Mold and Moisture Issues Need Expert Attention

We service the following cities and the areas, including:


Myrtle Beach


Hilton Head



We service the other many surrounding cities and counties as well! Contact us to see if we service you're area!

The Process

Phone Consultation

Tell us the reason you contacted us, and what concerns you have about your specific job.

Site Inspection

Full moisture and visual inspection of jobsite. This allows us to find the source of the issues plaguing your home.

Free Estimate

Our quotes are good for 60 days; we give you line item options to meet your home's specific needs.

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