Testing & Sampling

Know the make up of your air

Why Test My Air?

Laboratory analysis lets us know more than at-home samples,

Mold Type

Different mold are derived from different sources. One could indicate humidity issues, another could point to water damage.

Raw Count

The number of spores can show the severity of the problem, and indicate how much clean up is needed.

Not Just Air Testing..

We can draw tests from behind wall cavities, as well as direct sampling on surfaces.

Air Testing allows us a snapshot of indoor air quality that can then be used to see the extent of mold growth or damage in a structure, giving us a baseline with which to compare our remediation efforts in the end. Visible mold growth on surfaces might be easy to recognize, but the majority of mold is not visible, and the presence of other harmful substances can often go unnoticed.

The Process


Our process begins with a consultation about your specific concerns about your home or businesses, and where we are likely to find issues. Be sure to bring up why you want to test: Do you believe you have symptoms related to testing subject? Are you buying or selling a property? Are you seeing visual evidence of mold or other harmful substances? From here we can decide how best to address your concerns, and what test you need performed.


A visual inspection is performed using FLIR infrared technology, along with sampled moisture readings. These numbers and details create a clearer picture of your indoor air quality. Building history will also be relevant. The age of the building and its past uses allow us to know what issues the building is prone too. Grading and drainage, potential leaks, and air system efficiency will also be noted during this process.


During this process we will draw samples in specified areas to obtain the most accurate an utilizable snap shots of your cumulative air quality. Test samples are sent to our associated professional laboratories across the country. Their scientists then dissect the samples and return a detailed report of all the findings, broken down in relevant measurable units. For example, mold samples will be broken down into different categories of fungi, while particulate samples will list off items such as cellulose fibers and dander.

Return Times

Return times are dependent on the type off test, along with the current lab traffic. Some air sample mold results, for example, can be returned within 48 hours, while detailed VOC samples will likely take longer. We will consult with you about your specific deadlines and testing needs before hand.

Particulates Testing Available

Pet dander, pollen, cellulose fibers, fiberglass, and other particles may affect indoor air quality and respiratory health. Our visual inspections may determine that particulate concentrations should be tested.

The Process

Phone Consultation

Tell us the reason you contacted us, and what concerns you have about your specific job.

Site Inspection

Full moisture and visual inspection of jobsite. This allows us to find the source of the issues plaguing your home.

Free Estimate

Our quotes are good for 60 days; we give you line item options to meet your home's specific needs.

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