About Us

Carolina Mold Solutions provides mold prevention, remediation, and testing services for residential and commercial clients in the Carolinas. With 30 years experience working with customers, owner Joel Few is personally committed to making sure that every job is done right. Moisture management is the key to preventing mold growth. We have the experience and resources to break down the details of your air quality, to clean up your indoor environment, and to correct and account for sources of humidity intrusion.

Our awesome features

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We perform no more than one large job at a time, ensuring you as the customer receive our full attention. Everything is addressed to your satisfaction, every time.

Lower Prices

You save money because we have no franchise fees.

Easy Estimates

Complimentary Estimates

Experienced Team

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive administrative tasks.

Transparency and Documentation

We provide every customer with a simple digital link to their photographs and financial paperwork.

Certifications and Accolades

See Our Work

Our work can speak for itself. Whether its a crawlspace cleaning, or an interior remediation, we go the extra mile to make our work look amazing and fix moisture and mold related issues. Find out how Encapsulation can help prevent indoor mold and moisture, and protect your home for the long term.

Service Areas

Mold and Moisture Issues Need Expert Attention

We service the following cities and the areas, including but not limited to:


Myrtle Beach


Hilton Head



We service the other many surrounding cities and counties as well! Contact us to see if we service you're area!

The Process

Phone Consultation

Tell us the reason you contacted us, and what concerns you have about your specific job.

Site Inspection

Full moisture and visual inspection of jobsite. This allows us to find the source of the issues plaguing your home.

Free Estimate

Our quotes are good for 60 days; we give you line item options to meet your home's specific needs.

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Our work speaks for itself.